Converter GUARD

Although its small, the catalytic converter is a valued part of a car. So its often targeted by thieves for its Precious Metals. Protect your automotive investment with Catalytic Converter Guard!

Dont be a victim of Converter theft!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If our Converter Guard product fails to prevent the theft of the catalytic converter attached to the vehicle listed in the registration and is stolen within the Term of Coverage from the date of sale of the Converter Guard, we will pay for the installation of a replacement catalytic converter assembly and repair any damage to the exhaust system caused by the theft.

Catalytic ID System Effectively Deters Theft


ID sticker Brands the Converter

Cost Effective

Replacing a catalytic converter can be very costly, as high as $2500.
Buy Converter Guard

Registered Converter

Converter Guard registration can reduce theft.

Insurance Is Not a Guarantee

Cars with a liability-only policy can’t be covered for any type of theft or


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